EnviroMed-Bag® Deluxe Eco-Friendly Body Bags

Part # Size Packaging
FBB2-3692H 36" x 92"
Curved zipper with tags. 6 handles.
6 bags per case
FBB2-3692 36" x 92"
Curved zipper with tags. No handles.
12 bags per case

Product Details—Body Bags With or Without Handles:

  • Scrim Reinforced 14 Mil Thickness Construction—Provides superior puncture and tear resistance
  • Heavy Duty, Rust Proof Zipper—With two pulls for easy open and close
  • Handles—Available with or without six integral handles
  • Envelope Style Opening—For easier insertion and removal of cadavers

Manage Risk and Comply with OSHA Standards:

  • Compliance—Aides compliance to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
  • Containment—Seams comply with OSHA 3130 pertaining to containment of fluids
  • Leak Proof, Heat Sealed Seams—Prevent leakage and minimize exposure to bloodborne pathogens
  • Resistant to Blood, Fluids, Body Fats and Chemicals—For technician safety

Eco-Friendly—Minimizing Chemicals of Concern and Waste:

  • Environment friendly olefin material construction is chlorine free (PVC-free)
  • Low VOC emissions during incineration, for crematorium compatibility