EnviroSorb® FluidVac™

Part # Size Packaging
FluidVac-01 12’ hose
12 units per case

Product Details-Simple Fluid Removal:

  • Unlimited Fluid Capacity—No replacement of saturated pads and towels
  • Perimeter Coverage—12 foot tubing for easy repositioning
  • Superior Rate of Evacuation—For faster cleanup to minimize pooling
  • Quiet Operation—For comfort and concentration

Manage Risk and Comply with OSHA Standards:

Compliance—Aides compliance to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
Control Staff Exposure—To potentially harmful fluids
Avoid Trips, Slips And Falls—For employee safety

Eco-Friendly—Minimizing Chemicals of Concern and Waste:

  • PVC-free and latex-free
  • Manufactured with recycled materials
  • Low VOC emissions during incineration, for crematorium compatibility