EnviroSoft® Supine Head Positioning Device

Part # Size Packaging
ES-HPS Universal Size
30 units per case

*Reuse up to 20 times
*Patent Pending

Product Details-Cost Effective Disposable Head Positioning:

  • Multi-Use And Cost Effective—Use up to 20 times
  • Impervious To Fluids—Makes cleaning simple with standard O.R. surgical wipes
  • Resists Tearing And Cuts—No leaking like Gel Positioners
  • Increased Comfort—Will not “bottom-out” like most disposable positioners

Eco-Friendly—Minimizing Chemicals of Concern and Waste:

  • Made from high tech proprietary TPE materials
  • PVC-free and latex free
  • Flame retardant-free
  • Antimicrobial-free
  • Multi-use equals less waste